Bacchanal Apologizes for Poor Ticket Rollout, Promises to Honor Previous Year’s AXS Tickets

In what some have described as a face-saving move, the Bacchanal planning committee has once again partnered with AXS to help students access this year’s concert. After the failure of initial ticket distribution left many students unable to access the Eventbrite page due to the fact that they were in class or they just forgot about it, Bacchanal has offered to renew last year’s contract with the online ticketing service AXS. As part of the contract’s stipulated terms, all Bacchanal tickets not previously redeemed will be redeemable at this year’s event, in the hopes of allowing more upperclassmen to attend.

  Some students have rejoiced at the news, while others see it as a betrayal of Bacchanal’s entire ethos. “I knew there was a reason I paid so much for my ticket, then pre-gamed too hard and threw up instead of going to Terminal 5,” reported a sophomore who asked to remain anonymous. Other students joined in, claiming that the “eternity” clause in AXS’s contract allowed them a second chance at what had been one of the worst days of their lives. Other students reportedly started a petition to force Bacchanal to cancel AXS’ contract. “If I can’t have it, no one can!” and “When ticket sales are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!” were some popular cries during a rally on Low Steps. 

Some have wondered if this policy will actually help seniors attend Bacchanal for their first and final time, but none of the 20 seniors who actually managed to get tickets for Bacchanal responded to our request for comment.