Three Ways to Thoughtfully Nod at the Person You Talked to One Time in a Class You Dropped

Everyone’s been there. You had a great, engaging conversation with the person sitting right by you in a class. You may have talked about your apprehensions about the class, the other person’s major, or even how you broke up with your ex-boyfriend because he was cheating on you with a 60-year-old woman working at Dairy Queen.

What I’m really trying to say here is, you formed a bond… only to never see them ever again in that classroom because you dropped the class. You might see them elsewhere, but when you do it’ll just be awkward. You bared your naked thoughts to them and now you are strangers again! What do you do now?

Well, I have the solution. Here are three ways to thoughtfully nod at the person you talked to one time in a class you dropped.

  1. Tilt upward: With this tilt you are asserting your coolness that’s been there since your conversation in the classroom. You’re basically telling them that you rode a scooter before anyone else in your grade, you listened to Lizzo before she became popular, and you selectively only apply Burt’s Bees pomegranate chapstick instead of normal chapstick (helpful hint: use #notlikeotherlips on your next Instagram caption, because you may not remember their username, but they sure as hell follow you).
  2. Tilt downward: This is the more spiritual approach to a head tilt. When you perform the downward tilt, you’re acknowledging them and everything they’ve done for the world by being exactly who they are even though you’ve had one conversation with them. You’re saying “I remember your name,” when you actually do not. You’re also amicably asking them if they would like to do shrooms over some JJ’s mac ‘n’ cheese bites with you sometime.
  3. Jut chin outward like a pigeon: The most complex of approaches comes last. If you want to capture their attention, this is the best nod tactic. The “pigeon chin,” as I like to call it, emphasizes the weirdness and quirkiness they didn’t get to see on the first day of classes. For visual guidance, I recommend perching on Low Steps to learn from your pigeon peers. You’re saying you’ve worn your Shein jeans inside out to make a statement about fast fashion and that you pull your toilet paper from the bottom instead of wrapping it around to the top.