More Like Morningside HIGH: Student Surprised to Learn that “Chamber Pot” is Not a Synonym For Hot Box

Dillon Bollinger (no relation) (we think), CC ’25, was in for a shitty surprise when he discovered that “chamber pot” was not, in fact, a synonym for his favorite way to get high off of someone else’s weed. Classmates reported that he was quite eager to offer his own personal experience as soon as the professor started his slideshow on medieval toiletry.

“No, I didn’t wait to be called on, I had something enlightening to share,” Bollinger informed our reporters.

A self-proclaimed “free thinker,” Bollinger had decided to enroll in “Medieval Europe: High Priests and Low Flow” based solely on a 4.5 star CULPA review from user “PrincetonSux420”. 

“Someone online said this was a really dope history class, so I figured it was right up my alley. Turns out it was just a big bowl of crap.”