Chef Mike Joins Cameo: “I’ll Make You a Sub and Sing Happy Birthday”

Move over, Gordon Ramsey

Graphic by Zoe Davidson

JOHN JAY KITCHEN — With the recent opening of “Chef Mike’s Sub Shop” and popularity of Columbia Dining’s YouTube page, Chef Mike has decided to connect with his fans on Cameo. After joining the personalized-video-sharing app, he has experienced growing demand. In one video, he makes his signature “subway” sandwich while congratulating two Barnard-grad newlyweds. “It’s another way to connect with the community,” said the Chef, “I’ve made these videos for everything from Bar Mitzvahs to Anniversaries.”

Chef Mike, the Chef Executive Officer of Columbia Dining, is not new to fame. He has been winning Sub-making competitions everywhere from Hoboken to Staten Island since the fourth grade. Joining the ranks of Jojo Siwa and Antonio Brown, Chef Mike has said that while he enjoys the experience of making these videos, he will always remember his roots over the Verrazano bridge.

Although Barnard only hosts “Big Sub” once a year, Chef Mike says, “To me, every day is big sub day, and I look forward to continuing to share this message for you, your parents, and anyone who wants a video.” 
You can request a personalized video from Chef Mike at www.cameo.com/chefmike/CUdining. Subs not included.