“I’m a Legacy:” Three Questions to Figure Out Whether Your Friend Bought Her Way into Columbia, Her Sorority, or Both

  1. Goose of choice: Does she prefer Golden or Canada?
    • If her coat of choice costs as much as your meal plan, consider finding her parents on LinkedIn; they’re certainly Columbia alums (and also hiring summer interns!). Bought her way into Columbia. But if her sneakers have that sweet, sweet metallic star, you can feel certain that the Greek letters in her Instagram bio have some family history. Bought her way into her sorority.
  2. How does she feel about Elle Woods?
    • If you’re met with a response akin to, “My dad would never let me go to UCLA,” there’s a high chance her high school tuition cost more than Columbia’s. Columbia legacy; bought her way into Columbia. But, if she claims that, “not all of us are blondes,” she’s referring to her and her mother. Sorority legacy; proudly bought her way in.
  3. What are her thoughts on the word “Delta?”
    • If she sneers at the name and says that, “my family only flies private,” then her parents definitely paid for a new campus library. Bought her way into Columbia and also probably owns an island. If she knows that Columbia doesn’t have a Tri Delta chapter, but says, “they’re nice enough at state schools,” she’s surely fine with a little bit of hazing. Bought her way into her sorority and definitely knows where the best coke is on campus.