FOMO Listed by Columbia Health Services as a Dangerous Epidemic

Along with the resurgence of the spread of coronavirus, a new spread of a commonly known virus has been brought to attention: FOMO. 

“Though FOMO has been around for a while, we have been noticing a huge increase in recent days. We found that the beginning of this massive spike correlates to the announcement that the spring semester would be online,” says Dr. Melanie Bernitz, Vice President of Columbia Health.

Prez Bo has also expressed his concern: “Though we would like to be able to offer housing to those who listed FOMO as their reason for extenuating home circumstances, there are just too many people suffering with this disease. We wish them the best and hope that we will be able to invite everyone back to campus in the Fall of 2021.”

Common symptoms are living vicariously through Instagram posts, touch deprivation, lucid dreaming about a life without your blue light glasses, and crying. If you find yourself experiencing these, please reach out to Columbia Health Services to make an appointment as soon as possible. 

To those who will be remaining at home and are highly susceptible to FOMO, stay safe and stay healthy. And for those who have already been affected, we are praying for you. Get well soon.