Rumored Gay Relationship Explains Why Kanye West Is So Obsessed With Taylor Swift

Following the leak that famous rapper and former presidential candidate, Kanye West, had engaged in an extramarital affair with beauty vlogger and man, Jeffree Star, commentators believe this finally explains the Taylor Swift saga.

Many wondered why a critically acclaimed rap star would spend so much time getting involved in drama with a country singer-songwriter 12 years his junior, yet these revelations suggest that West is simply like every other gay man in the world: unapologetically obsessed with Taylor Swift.

From the subtle queer themes in her sophomore album Fearless to the less-subtle queer themes in her 2020 album Folklore to her 2019 music video featuring the Fab Five, Taylor Swift has long been a favourite of the LGBTQ+ community, and West is no exception. The catty drama, nuclear comebacks and constant rumours would draw any gay man in and Kanye saw an opportunity to be at the heart of this.

Some may respond by referencing how at the 2009 VMAs Kanye said the award should go to Beyonce and not Taylor, implying he is not a hardcore stan, however, arguing about whether Taylor Swift or Beyonce is better is LITERALLY the gayest way one can spend their time. Kanye may as well have had the Grindr notification sound come from his phone while on stage with Taylor’s mic in his hand.

Anyone still doubtful of these rumours needs only imagine Ru Paul snarling into a head mic, “I made that bitch famous.” This is gay behaviour, don’t deny it, it all makes sense now.

Readers may wonder why flaming homosexual Kanye West would have a wax naked model of Swift made for him to lie in bed with, yet, it is simple. When gay men are in the closet they will do absolutely everything to keep up the pretence they are straight. Sure, Kanye had a wife and children, but to really drive the point home he got the wax model and said “I feel like me and Taylor MIGHT still have sex.” Queen West did not want the vagina exposure that comes with an extra marital affair, so posed with a naked female figure instead and talked about the possibility in an attempt to further convince people he was a h*terosexual.

In need of more evidence? Just look at Kanye’s choice of a wife. Ask a young gay kid, trying to conceal his sexuality, what his taste in women is. He’ll probably shrug and say, “errr…. I like big boobs, I guess.” If extremely pressed, he’ll say, “I also like big butts.” Kanye’s wife has the largest boobs and butt in the world and therefore upon meeting her, Kanye must have thought, “yeah this checks out,” and decided to marry her, but it is all part of trying to conform to what he thinks straight dudes’ taste in women is. 

Take comfort, queer men of the world, in the knowledge that Kanye West, King of Rap, is just as much of a stereotypical flaming queen as all of you and spends every second of his life obsessing over Taylor Swift, just like you.