Before First Midterm, First-Year Boldly Declares Double-Major in Econ and Poli-Sci on Pre-Law Track

Artwork by Zoe Vogelsang

When Brandon Williams, CC’24, was asked to briefly introduce himself to his project group for his Economics class, he was ready. Five months out of high school, the plucky 18-year old couldn’t wait to share his life plan with his classmates:

“Hi everyone, my name is Brandon and I’m from Cambridge, Massachusetts,” he humbly began. “I interned at a VC firm based in New York this summer while also volunteering for a congressional race in my home district. This experience made me realize that I have dual passion for entrepreneurship and responsible governing,” Williams continued, oblivious to his classmates’ eyerolls. “Anyways, I’m planning on double-majoring in Econ and Poli-Sci on the pre-law track,” he finished, before popcorning to a classmate who said she “didn’t know what she wanted to study,” then proceeded to speak about her favorite Netflix shows like a normal person.

When the Federalist reached out to Williams for comment, he explained “Yeah, I know it’s the second day of classes, but I’ve already mapped out all of my courses for the next four years and I just love rubbing that in everyone’s face.” Williams is convinced that he won’t develop any new interests. “I mean, I’m taking 18 credits of Econ and Poli-Sci every semester for the next four years. It’s just super unlikely I’ll have time for an English class that I’m actually interested in that will lead me to renounce my career path and become a poet.”

Williams is excited to deliver the same introduction to his FroSci project group tomorrow.