Four Freshmen Girls Killed in Group Housing Selection Incident

JOHN JAY HALL — The Columbia College administration has officially confirmed the deaths of four first-year students following the opening of the 2018-19 Housing Application this Friday. Katherine Chekov, Bella Wong, Rose Wissill, and Sonia DiMarco were all found dead in the floor lounge around 8 PM on Friday night.

At the scene, police found the bloodied straps of a Fjallraven-Kanken backpack and a dismembered ear with a cartilage-piercing still attached. Investigation is ongoing as to the cause of death of the four girls, but two suspects are currently being held in custody in PrezBo’s walk-in pantry, Izzy Baker ‘21 and Lara West ‘21. Both have denied allegations of foul play.  

Jack Ryu ‘21 overheard the incident from his floor lounge. Ryu was waiting for the elevator when he heard someone shriek from inside,  “I WILL NOT LIVE IN MCBAIN, KATHERINE, I DON’T CARE WHERE YOUR BOYFRIEND’S SUITE IS.” The shriek was followed by noises Ryu could only describe as “animalistic.”

“Can’t blame her, though,” added Ryu. “McBain is a godforsaken hellhole.”

The Federalist also spoke with Paul Johnson, ‘21, who was reportedly with the girls in the lounge before things got violent. “It was terrifying, man,” said Johnson. “Every one of them wanted to live in a different building. Two of them were angry because they had a third friend who wanted to be in the group, but she couldn’t because it would have been an odd number. One girl started crying cause another girl accidentally clicked the wrong drop-down option and the housing portal wouldn’t let her click back. Then one chick loudly commented how the guy that another one was hooking up with liked the first girl’s photo on Instagram, so I got outta there before things got ugly.”

At press time, there is still no word on the exact cause of the deaths, though Baker and West remain prime suspects. Students who knew the deceased are encouraged to come forward with any relevant information and/or screenshots.

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