First Year Who Used “Inextricably Intertwined” in Essay Very Impressed With Self


This past weekend, while penning his first LitHum essay of the year– “Reinterpreting the Emblematic Hyperbole of Homeric Verse Through the Lens of Miasmic Masculinity”– , first-year Daniel Gutierrez really knocked his analysis out of the park, describing the relationship between Gods and warriors in The Iliad as “inextricably intertwined.” Gutierrez, a real first rate student, plans to read most of the LitHum books this year and already has a good feeling about his class.

When asked about the process by which he incepted the phrase, Gutierrez made sure to point out that it did not come easily. “At first, I just used the word ‘intertwined,’ but then, I thought to add the word ‘inextricably.’ I really feel it contributes to the depth of the piece,” he said. “LitHum is helping me to see relationships in the world in new and complex ways. Hence my use of ‘inextricably intertwined.’”

When asked whether he was worried about anything pertaining to the class, Gutierrez responded, “Not really. I crave the intellectual challenge of a good exam and the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions on the piece. Plus, if my first reading response ‘check-plus’ is any indication, I think I’m going to do well here.”

Gutierrez is currently accepting students for his four-hour seminar entitled “How to Intersperse Sophisticated Words to Augment Your Intellectual Comportment.” It takes place on Sunday, October 14th from 2–5 p.m. in the Carman basement lounge.

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