Vaporwave Club Overdoses on “A e s t h e t i c”

By Jaysen Zhang

By Jaysen Zhang

Earlier this week, Lila Weiss CC ‘20 was horrified to find the Columbia Vaporwave Club dead of an apparent aesthetic overdose in Hamilton Hall on her way to class.

The club had recently moved to Hamilton for their weekly meetings and listening parties, which previously took place in club President Greta Baumbach’s 1 bedroom Bushwick apartment.

“At first I thought they were all asleep,” said Weiss. “But when I turned off Blank Banshee and changed the song to ‘Despacito’ without objection, I knew they had all OD’d.

A thorough police investigation is still underway. Items found at the scene included a copy of Walter Benjamin’s  Illuminations, 15 pairs of rose-colored sunglasses, five inflatable palm trees (deflated), three Pax vaporizers, and a bust of David.

Though rumors have been circulating of the Columbia Grindcore and Powerviolence Club’s being involved in the incident, they declined a Federalist reporter’s request for comment, replying only with guttural screaming and a Neruda poem.

In response to the tragedy, the Facebook Group ‘Vaporwave Sadposting悲しい少年™’ published a statement on behalf of its nearly 150k members:

they've passed on to a better place

one without bad vibes or my parents

this body is only a flesh castle

As requested in his final will, the body of Executive Board member Aaron Gillespie will be made into a purple neon light to be installed in the corner of JJ’s Place.

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