Professor Thinks It Would Be Pretty Neat to Add a GIF to His Lecture Notes


Sitting in his office Monday evening, sociology professor Michael Rutherford had a novel idea.  As he prepared his Sociological Theory lesson for the next day, he thought of the perfect addition to one of his slides: a Spice Girls GIF.

“I took a look at what I already had on Functionalism, and I realized it needed something else.  I mean, Functionalism describes both the social structure as a whole and the function of its individual parts.  You know what else can be understood in terms of parts working together to form a single entity?  The Spice Girls!  They’re each a different spice, you know, but together they’re one of the most iconic girl groups of all time!  So I found this GIF from the Wannabe video, and I just put it in the slide right next to the bullet points…Wait, darn it, how’d it end up over there?  No, I want it on the same slide!  Why is it so tiny?”

As of press time, Professor Rutherford has yet to figure out how to resize the GIF without decreasing the resolution to 200 pixels. It should be noted that Professor Rutherford believes the Spice Girls to still be together.