I Lived It: I Thought I Wanted to Apply to Law School, But I Just Watched Legally Blonde Too Many Times

Every parent dreams of their child going to an amazing college… unless that child gets there and decides to major in the humanities, it seems! Sorry, Mom—if, instead of letting me read Percy Jackson, you had let me grind CS:GO, I might have GOne on to major in CS. But what will this dear child do with a degree in classics aside from writing a bestselling fantasy series? 

I was mulling that question over myself while binging Netflix, instead of studying for my ‘Feminist Critique in Pre-Modern Post-Capital Literature’ final, and I accidentally clicked into the “Reese Witherspoon’s Greatest Hits” category. As I saw Elle Woods cheekily apply to Harvard Law on my laptop screen, I found my answer: instead of suffering through Advanced Programming in order to make bank after graduation, I could just kick back and cruise through a JD with a chihuahua in my purse and a smile on my face. Bingo!
Unfortunately, after googling “law school how to apply easy law school near me,” I was forced to face the truth: no matter how much I might want to solve a murder case with my excellent knowledge of A-list fashion brands, I just can’t pull it off. I don’t have enough pink outfits. Guess I’ll watch Animal House and try to rush Beta instead!