Fed Tips: You Can Just Lie About Getting an Internship and Employers Won’t Know

Finals Week once again maintained its position as the most stressful week of the academic year, and the Fed is here to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible for our readers with some advice.

Stop worrying about internships and start blatantly lying. 

You worked as a presidential speechwriter, but you can’t talk about it because of an NDA. 

You worked at FAANG over break on a new major project and are hoping for a return offer. 

You worked with a major law firm and are a shoo-in for any law school you apply to now. 

All these statements can be equally true, as long as your interviewers don’t poke too closely when checking your LinkedIn. 

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, try looking back at your UW essays, or even your application to Columbia! Watch your internal credibility fade away. Remember how far in life you’ve already gone via deceit, and think: what’s a few more years of bullshit in the long run?