Columbia Admits Record-High Number of Bed Bugs for Class of 2028

Last Thursday, three of Columbia University’s undergraduate colleges, Columbia College, the School for Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Barnard College, sent out application decisions to Early Decisions applicants. All three of the colleges received some of the highest numbers of Early Decision applications they have ever seen. Among the students admitted, one demographic stands out: bed bugs.

18% of the Class of 2028 that was admitted during the Early Decision round are bed bugs. Bed bug matriculation in higher education has been decreasing since the creation of Raid, in 1987. In an effort to encourage bed bugs to pursue college degrees, Columbia University launched a campaign early this summer to woo bed bug applicants. The response was unprecedented: thousands of bed bugs submitted applications, and many will be joining us on campus next fall.

If you’ve been in a library recently, you may have seen some eager bed bugs crawling around. Admitted student tours are now in full swing, and many bed bugs are visiting with their entire families to check out Columbia and Barnard’s campuses. 

In respect of finals week, Avery Library has been closed to current students to host Bed Bug Pre-Orientation to familiarize incoming students with Columbia’s facilities. Due to unexpectedly large bed bug attendance to Pre-Orientations, the event may expand to sections of Butler Library and Milstein Library.

Please be sure to give your new classmates a warm Lions and Bears welcome!