Exclusive: Auguste Rodin Reveals “The Thinker” Is Just Constipated

Artwork by Kat Chen

In a recent interview with the Federalist’s art correspondent, Auguste Rodin reflected on the self-important over-sophistication that the art world has assigned to his work. “They make everything about the human condition,” he remarked, “It really isn’t always that deep. ‘The Thinker’ is just taking a fat shit.”

He continued to discuss how the sculpture was an ode to the setting in which he had had many of his greatest inspirations: “I was just going through some hard shit at the time. When you have no choice but to separate your mind from your body, that’s when you can truly be creative.”

When asked about why deep meaning is assigned to simple pieces, Rodin speculated that it’s “definitely part of a widespread and intentional lie by Big Art Hum to sell more Art Hum.”