QUIZ: What the Candidate you Voted for says about your Choice in Coat

Artwork by Kat Chen

What presidential candidate did you vote for?

A) Joe Biden 

B) Donald Trump

C) Third-party candidate 

D) I didn’t vote

E) I can’t vote 

If you chose A: You’re the standard Columbia student. You’re the representative in your friend group back home of the “Social Justice Ivy.” As a true Columbia student, you would wear a modest black Canada Goose.

If you chose B: You’re probably a little worried about Biden’s tax plan. You don’t want your family to lose a dime of their $400,000+ fortune, so before January 20 comes around, you will probably buy a Canada Goose coat before it’s too late.

If you chose C: You’re edgy. You’re different. You stand out from the crowd. You don’t follow the trends, which is why a cool, reflective Canada Goose parka would be the perfect option for you.

If you chose D: You probably have limited interest or stake in politics. You’re too cool for that nerdy stuff. That’s why you spend your free time in SoHo, shopping for a Canada Goose coat.

If you chose E: You’re probably an international student. You’re not going to support an American company. That’s why you choose to support our neighbors from the north and purchase a nice, comfy Canada Goose coat.