Columbia Reacts: Bacchanal Moved to Terminal Five


The Bacchanal Student Committee has voted to move this year’s spring concert from its traditional on-campus location on Low Plaza to The Bowery Presents: Terminal Five, a concert hall in Hell’s Kitchen. We asked students and faculty to share their thoughts.

“I don’t really care, I’m deploying that weekend anyway.”

Sergeant Chesty Puller, GS ‘21

Major: Explosive Ordnance Disposal

“Will there be someone there to sign me in?”

Faith Kwanzaa Rubenstein, BC ‘22

Major: Queering Intersectional Veganism

“They’re sending our jobs south.”

John Smith, CU Facilities

Position: Oral Excretion Control Specialist

“Terminal Five? Why are they holding a concert in JFK?”

S. Pellegrino, International Student

Hometown: Art Basel

“I hope the shrooms don’t kick in before I get there.”

Dewdrop Johnson, Co-Op Leader

Major: Financial Economics