Spectador 2021 Masthead

House of Lords

 Julia Schreder: Mini Cereal Baking Enthusiast
Annie Iezzi: Regular-Sized Cereal Baking Enthusiast

Gustie Owens: Poor Quality Assurance Officer
Nurasyl Shokeyev: Headmaster of the Fed Film Society
Barely Managing Editors

Amelia Fay: твоя бабушка
Nikhil Mehta: Humpty
Headlice Submissions Editors

House of Commons

Matt Nola: Dumpty
Pub Lister

Zachary Ginsberg: Sat on a Wall
Jurassic Editor

Jayne Magliocco: Printer Technician
Lane-Route Editor

Zoe Davidson: Groot
Stop Motion Animation Editor

Sam Grossman: Wannabe Floor Lamp
Isabel O’Brien: Not Related to Conan O’Brien (Probably)
Anjali Ramakrishnan: Assistant Head Welder
Phillip Ruddy: The Fourth Stooge
Wesley Schmidt: The Terminator’s Nephew
Mary Schauf: Yeast Charmer
Submissive Editors

Elizabeth Meyer: English Major

Joseph Baer: Chief Wikipedia Expert
Senior Citizen 


Yumtso Bhum (Chief Pancake Flipper), Whitney Deng (Allergic to Mullets)
Anique Edwards (TikTok Room Correspondent), Julian Gerber (Liaison to the Association of Potted Plants)
Dessa Gerger (Russian Correspondent—She Can See It from Her House)
Dahlia Low (Space Pants Designer), Megan Meyerson (Exchange Student from Hogwarts)
Alex Malamud (Once Stood behind the Fifth Cousin, Once Removed, of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in Line at Walmart),
Emily Olson (Acting Administrative Bureaucrat), Ava Sanjabi (Chief Assistant to the Assistant Assistant)
Baha Topbas (Grand Champion of 2015 Iowa Chicken Wing Eating Contest), Lauren Unterberger (Ambassador to Lerner Hall)
Obligatory Funny People

Lillian Aregawi (Zoom Enthusiast), Kat Chen (Gen Z Representative)
Jules Michaud (Certified Tree Cutter), Mai Morsey (Celery Cultivator)
Starving Artists

Miriam Alvarez-Rosenbloom (Horseshoe Enthusiast), Mollie Schmidtberger (Spikeball Expert)
Humble Scribes

Claire Ponnaiya (Tiresias’ Reincarnation), Ben Stettin (NFT Consultant)

Jeannette Kim (Live360 Brand Ambassador), Lauren Lee (Brand Strategist GMT +8)
Antisocial Media Group

Zoe Vogelsang
Website Guru

Alumni Board

Water Bottle Man

Jar Jar Binks

Aberforth Dumbledore
Intelligence Officer

Understudy for the Backup Reindeer 5 in Frozen II
Hair and Makeup Consultant

Captain von Trapp

Captain Hook
Mindfulness Coordinator