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The Federalist is Columbia’s satirical newspaper and sole source of humor.  Once again, we find ourselves looking to corrupt a new crop of Fed staff.

Writers: Contributing to a newspaper that awarded itself the Pulitzer Prize probably sounds intimidating, but we think you’re up to the challenge. If you’re funny, write for us. And if you’re not funny, write for us. No prior experience or comedic talent necessary.

Artists and Photoshoppers: Illustrate our articles, draw your own cartoons, or just make us some obscene doodles. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to photoshop PrezBo’s head on a variety of inanimate objects, we can hook you up.  Come make some gorgeous graphics.

Other: We’re not modest.  Our meetings are pretty damn fun.  If you like our vibe but you’re not sure how you want to pitch in, show up and we’ll find a cozy place for you.  A respected media organization has to look after its finances, business operations, website, layout design, and distribution – among other things.  And if you’re just in it for the buck wild Fed parties, props to you.

Who Should Join: We encourage students of all academic backgrounds and years to join.  We do request that you are literate.

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