Econ Major Acts on His New Year’s Resolution to “Give to The Less Fortunate” by Giving Every Woman He Sees a Dollar

When asked what his New Year’s resolutions were, Columbia economics major Andrew Macdougal shared his charitable intentions for 2022. He understands that not everyone will have the opportunity to work at Goldman Sachs or Meta and wants to give back to those who definitely won’t. This year he has taken an honorable pledge to give a dollar to every woman he sees. While he knows this isn’t the most cost-effective model on a personal level (he could explain why, but you probably wouldn’t understand), he has decided to prioritize the needy this year, rather than his own financial incentives. When asked about his revolutionary idea, Macdougal shared, “It may not seem like much, but a dollar means a lot more to a woman than you’d expect, especially if it’s that time of the month. They’re used to getting just 78 cents, so giving them the whole dollar is like a huge deal. They could use this dollar to buy the things that women really need, like diapers. And liposuction.”

In 2022, consider adopting the Andrew Macdougal model, providing women with a spark of joy in their otherwise hopeless and impoverished lives. Give a woman a dollar and let them believe that maybe one day they could be president, or work on Wall Street with your dad, even though that’s probably not true.