Wow! Dumbass Fourth Grader Still Believes Spot Went To The Farm

ITHACA, NY — Earlier this week, reporters confirmed that Jake Wallingford, Ithaca resident and local dumbass, still believes his beloved chocolate lab Spot is alive and well at some farm in the Adirondacks where only his grandmother had gone before.

The fuckwit’s mother, Mary Wallingford, was unsurprised by the news. “My husband and I have always known that Jake wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He is his father’s son after all. But c’mon. That little mutt has been dead as a doornail for years.”

“I love my son, but the little crybaby bitch he is, he would probably lose his shit if he heard of Spot’s death,” his father added. “We couldn’t even tell him the tooth fairy doesn’t exist because of the waterworks. The little shitbird doesn’t even have any baby teeth left. We had to give him some to trade for quarters. Do you know how hard it is to get ahold of toddler teeth legally?”

“Maybe I should’ve eased up on the Merlot during his third trimester,” added Mrs. Wallingford.

As of press time, Wallingford was seen taking some glue out of his back pocket to snack on.

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