Breaking: Bake Sale to Support Student Theater Breaks Even

LERNER RAMPS — The CU Theatre Troupe’s bake sale officially broke even yesterday, selling out their homemade cookies and Betty Crocker brownies, along with a surprising number of the vegan orange ginger cupcakes. The sale, which took place over three days on the fifth table down from the main doors, was to raise money to produce the troupe’s upcoming 10 minute, one-act play, Shadow of Susan, to be held in Lerner’s black box.

The young thespians were optimistic about the results of their bake sale. “I mean yeah, it would have made more financial sense for us to just save the money we spent on baking supplies, but it’s all about the publicity that comes with the Lerner ramps,” said Sarabeth Nichols CC ‘18, CU Theatre Troupe’s Treasurer. “Our Facebook event now has almost 50 people ‘interested’.  A couple of people even took the fliers I printed out in Butler this morning, so I think the word is really starting to get out.”

Given yesterday’s success, there are already talks of another bake sale in the works. The troupe is hoping to build upon its success and turn a profit this time, even if the profit is marginal. “Ideally, we would be able to reserve one of the first two tables on the ramps, but somehow that prime real estate is always booked by sororities and multicultural groups,” Nichols commented.

“For a lot of us this isn’t just a bake sale,” added Noah Goldberg CC ‘19, who plays the coy yet adventurous postman in Shadow of Susan. “It’s practice for a career of making absolutely no money at all, ever.”

At press time, Goldberg and friends were seen reassuring one another they did not want to be Econ majors.

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