Beta Brother Speaks Out on Being Labeled a Model Minority

Image Credit: Natalie Arenzon

Image Credit: Natalie Arenzon

BETA HOUSE –  In the wake of the 2016 election, members of many minority groups have spoken out about the harmful effects of stereotyping—primarily fraternity brothers. Adam Lancaster SEAS ’18 of Columbia fraternity Beta Theta Pi has begun spreading awareness of  the dangers of positive stereotypes and being labelled a “model minority.”

“What you have to realize is that ‘Beta brother’ is really just a social construct,” Lancaster said. “Most people think that the stereotype threat only applies to groups with negative stereotypes, but, you know, every stereotype, bad or good, can have a negative effect.”

“Sometimes, I just want to hang out with my bros and objectify women,” Lancaster elaborated. “But because we’re supposed to be the good, nerdy guys, I feel socially pressured to treat women with respect.”

“We obviously throw down all the time,” fellow Beta brother, Thomas Benson SEAS ‘19 added. “But when we do, I feel uncomfortable binge drinking.  I often find myself switching my Keystone Lights out for jungle juice just to feel more accepted. To tell you the truth, the jungle juice is non-alcoholic because we encourage responsible consumption.  But the thing is, I actually like the taste of Keystone.”

Another Beta brother, Benjamin Greenspan CC ‘19, insisted, “I get all kinds of bitches, but I never feel comfortable calling them bitches.  It’s crazy the way stereotypes can get in your head and change the way you think and act.  If I didn’t have an editor position at the Federalist, no one would know how edgy I really am.”

Beta Theta Pi’s President, Matt Cantor CC ‘18, has responded to the recent controversy by stating that Beta will “be raising awareness for this issue by hosting several open parties with a $5 door charge.” All proceeds will go towards buying Beta brothers personal beer funnels and “Back 2 Back World War Champs” tank tops so “people will know we’re not pussies.”