Student Reports Laptop Stolen After Leaving It In Butler For 9 Days

Image Credit: Nicole Javorsky

Image Credit: Nicole Javorsky

Fear rippled through the Columbia community last week after James McShane reported in an email that a student had been robbed of his laptop after leaving it Butler for 9 days.

Daniel Crowder, CC ‘19, says he left the laptop on a table in Butler 209 when he went to the bathroom. And when he returned, a mere 215 hours later, the laptop was gone.

“I usually ask the nearest girl to watch my stuff. But since I knew I wasn’t going to be gone for long, I decided just to leave it unattended.”

Police are on the case, but have yet determined whether the laptop, along with Mr. Crowder’s Calculus I problem sets and Lit Hum notebook, were stolen or were just thrown out.

Other students expressed shock at the state of affairs in the library.

“Is nothing sacred?” said Jesse Han, SEAS ‘19. “If we can’t leave piles of schoolwork in Butler for weeks on end, then what even is the point of the library?