Unpaid Freshman Internship Was A Fulfilling Experience

YOUR HOMETOWN- Rising Sophomore Joey Segel CC ‘19 gloated to his friends on Thursday that his summer internship with a law firm is, in fact, a great learning experience. Although he is just making copies and shredding documents for now, he “really gets to see how the process works” and is “getting his foot in the door.” Segel claims this is a great networking opportunity and thinks his boss finally knows his name – though he admittedly has yet to accept Segel’s LinkedIn request. While the political science major has not yet spoken to the other office intern and the two take their lunch breaks at different times, he thinks the girl goes to Penn State or something. When asked to comment about the $300 he has spent on new work clothes for his unpaid internship, Segel explained, “You have to spend money to make money. I’m not getting paid now, but this job will definitely lead to well-paying jobs in the future.”

According to confirmed reports, Segel has already disclosed how he plans to include the position on his resume, throwing around the phrases “crucial role,” “shadowing,” and “professional experience.”