The Uncle Sam: McDonald’s Meals for America’s Power Players

The Uncle Sam: McDonald’s Meals for America’s Power Players

By Matt Nola, Dessa Gerger, & Yumtso Bhum, fans of the Travy Patty


After the success following the release of the Travis Scott and J Balvin meals, the creative minds at McDonald’s dreamt up the even more topical 2020 combo menu. It includes soon-to-be-classics, like:

The Biden

  • Turkey burger with stale bread, no greens

  • Obama action figure included

The Trump 


  • Made in Moscow

  • Orange bun

The Pence 

  • One day old

  • Comes with one (1) fly

  • Not allowed to be touched by any woman, except Mother

The Harris 

  • Apple slices

  • Discount for police officers

  • Free bus ride included


  • Locally sourced

  • Veggie burger with vegan cheese

  • Comes with free health insurance

The Bezos 

  • Assembled by underpaid workers – YOU pay less!

  • All elements packaged separately 

  • Prime 1-day shipping!!

The Musk

  • BX21CO

  • Served with 2 Red Bulls between 5 a.m – 7 a.m.

The Zuckerberg 

  • Just mayo between two pieces of bread

  • Fries, no sauce

The Dr. Fauci

  • Contactless delivery (i.e. thrown at you from six feet away)

  • Comes with free hand sanitizer and mask

The Amy Coney Barrett

  • Made by women in kitchen

  • You have to eat the whole thing, throwing it out is prohibited

  • Will be available for the next 40+ years