A Letter to Prezbo: Things That I Miss about Campus

A Letter to Prezbo: Things That I Miss about Campus

By Nikhil Mehta and Matt Nola


Dear Prezzy Booboo,

I never thought that it would happen, but last night it did: the nostalgia overtook me when I smelled that one sweatshirt I wore the last time I went to Dig Inn. After three weeks, it somehow retains its pungent smell, as if I’m still in the belly of that odoriferous beast—or, hell, three blocks away from the front door; it all smells the same. Everything came rushing back to me at that moment: my eyes watered, the smell of Brussels sprouts went straight into my lungs, and I was in a short moment of pure Morningside Heights ecstasy.

After that fateful sniff, I started thinking about all the other things I miss about life at Columbia. That greasy Ferris pizza adorned with chickpeas, macaroni, and ranch galore. Those weird concoctions served up by Columbia Dining: potato water, shark fin, and oreo cream cheese.

Wherefore art thou Stan Liao! How I yearn for those late nights in Ref surrounded by sleeping students and the smell of a ButCafe lemon loaf cake. I was once repulsed by that one man brushing his teeth at 3:00 a.m. in the Butler third floor bathroom, but now I long to be awkwardly washing my hands at the sink next to him.

Dozens of sweaty bodies packed into a McBain party—it’s all coming back to me now! I thought that it would always be Mel’s o’clock, but alas, here I am, quarantined in my parents’ basement.

Please let me come back in the fall,
A Member of the Community