Stressbusters: Be Thankful You’re Not the Kid Wearing Flip Flops in the Middle of December

COLLEGE WALK, 0 Degrees Kelvin – In order to maintain a happy and healthy perspective on life, psychologists advise people to reflect on what they are thankful for each morning. For Columbia students, Stressbusters recommends being thankful that you’re not the fucking asshole who’s still wearing flip flops in the middle of December.

“You might have problems, but your distress and despair this finals season cannot possibly equal that of Economics major Rustin Hart CC’17,” said Stressbuster Joe Thomas. “We’ve tried everything with this kid. Back massages, front massages, colonic hydrotherapy—I mean, we really pulled out all the stops on this one.”

Donning only a flimsy pair of flops and a groutfit, Rust routinely trudges through the elements to reach Schermerhorn. Mothers have been seen shielding their children from the site of Rust’s feet, where frostbite has begun to set in.

As cold as he is on the outside, Rust is just as numb on the inside. When reached for further commentary, Rust recalled how his time at Columbia has shaped his outlook on life: “Time is a flat circle,” he groaned, and hung up the phone.

If you see a man in flip flops on campus this holiday season, just thank the gods that you aren’t as despondent as an econ major.