BP Finds New Oil Reserves on Face of Teen

Image Credit: Amanda Ba

Image Credit: Amanda Ba

SOMEWHERE IN THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF CAMPUS – Petroleum engineering student Patrick Sullivan SEAS ‘18 has nobly decided to dedicate his body to science, coming to the conclusion that he can best serve humanity by harvesting the oil reserves all over his face.

“I’ve been experiencing embarrassing oil spills my entire life,” Sullivan lamented, “and with the crippling energy demands facing this country, I’ve decided to frack the fuck out of my face.”

Attracted by a lucrative drilling contract, British Petroleum launched a major effort to clean up the oil spills polluting Sullivan’s face. Asked for comment, a BP executive stated: “Wow, I mean this guy’s face is really a disaster. The kid’s forehead looks like the goddamned Gulf.”

Meanwhile, the local inhabitants of Patrick’s face—mainly whiteheads and blackheads—are not letting their voices go unheard, organizing in mass numbers to protest the new pipeline spanning Patrick’s face. The most contested zone has become Patrick’s nose, where violent demonstrations have broken out. “Stay off our ancestral facial features,” the acne proclaimed as it dejectedly migrated to Sullivan’s back.

At the same time, BP brought in Mark Wahlberg and a boatload of Proactive for the filming of Deepwater Horizon 2.